The Final Countdown: Celebrity Popes, Movie Posters and Aliens Tanks

pope hoff

Go here to see celebrity pope suggestions.

The pope is retiring for the first time in 400 years. Unusual circumstances cause for unusual measures. Try not to get offended by photoshop.

The Countdown

Actors who look the same on every poster – [Cracked]

The aftermath of horrible Aliens: Colonial Marines reviews – [Insert Coin]

Tons of Game of Thrones season 3 video – [TVOvermind]

Even more Harlem Shake – [GeeksAreSexy]

More than just a photo – [Izismile]

Nate Silver-ing the Oscar race – [Pajiba]

Kai gets that surfboard he wanted – [FilmDrunk]

The awesomeness of people – [TheChive]

These guys lift. Too much – [Caveman]

Bieber’s creepy SNL romance – [ScreenCrush]

Today’s girl is Cathy Baron – [Maxim]

Between Two Ferns: Oscar Edition – [BroBible]

37 people worse at cooking than you – [Neatorama]

Newspaper comics that got weird – [ToplessRobot]

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