The Final Countdown: Celebrity Feuds, Reality Shows and Bungie’s Destiny


Go here to see real or fake celebrity feuds.

“Throughout the years of movie history, even before the internet sucked us into overanalysis, we’ve been captivated by snippets of stories that managed to escape sets. And like a crowd to the scene of an accident, we can’t help our curiosity, especially when things between actors get gruesome or prickly. We Need To Know. These are the stories of ego and competition, of perfectionism and criticism, of tempers and tantrums…”

The Countdown

Depressing realities behind reality shows – [Cracked]

Will Bungie’s Destiny break our shooter cycle? – [Insert Coin]

When goats yell like humans  [WWIW]

Khal Drogo may join Guardians of Galaxy – [GammaSquad]

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A gallery of timing and perspective – [TheChive]

Testing driving while stoned – [Neatorama]

What 200 calories looks like – [Izismile]

20 awesome songs for the apocalypse – [DeathTaxes]

Today’s girl is Kara Tointon – [Maxim]

The art of Mister Cartoon – [Caveman]

The most insane rope swing ever – [BroBible]

The most embarrassing Presidential scandals – [Guyism]

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