The Final Countdown: Celebrity Art, Christmas Moments and Fighting with Penny Arcade

Go here to see celebrities with an artistic touch.

“These famous faces are not only talented actors, but talented painters too! See their contemporary works of art, here.”

The Countdown

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  • Truth

    Paul, this is in response to the link of your article on forbes since I don’t feel like registering on that site. This is mainly response to the quote of your first article,

    “Games do have the potential to dramatically outsell movies, though they’re still not given the same level of press when they do so. People track box office charts more closely than VG charts it seems.”

    Ben Kuchera made a good point that movie tickets and games has a 6 times difference in price (10 to 60) so when both has gross of 1 billion, the effect it has isn’t the same. A simple calculation would be 1 billion divided by 10 means 100 million saw the movie. 1 billion divided by 60 means only 16.7 million experienced it. Another reason is also the demographic games are aimed for. I would guess it’s 12yrs old to 40yrs old range while movies like Avatar can be seen by 8yrs old to 50yrs old. This is not taking account the gender issue that games like Black Op is mainly aimed for male consumers while Avatar isn’t.

    With all these factors considered, it not surprising that movies are more culturally relevant than video games.