The Final Countdown: Celebrities Peeing Themselves, Black and White Chicks, and T-Pain’s Auto News


Click on the photo to see 10 celebrities peeing their pants

Peeing your pants can be sort of a spiritual cleansing depending on how you look at. Sure soap does a good job cleaning the groin region but sometimes a good old fashioned pants pissing can really give that area the purification that it desperately needs every now and then. Celebrities basically pee their pants whenever they want because they’re rich and that’s one of the privileges of being a rich celebrity.

The Countdown

Hot Chicks in black and white flicks – [COED Magazine]

Auto-Tune the news 8 (with T-Pain) – [Collegehumor]

Help find the Grand Theft Auto secret meth recipe – [Double Kill]

Andy Samberg thows a “hadouken” – [Gonintendo]

C-Span Prank call compilation video – [Banned in Hollywood]

This is a true emotional roller coaster – [Regretful Morning]

15 example of tilt shift photography – [Attuworld]

Jimmy the Shark takes it one bottle at a time – [Atom]

Six Hollywood hotties as ugly ducklings – [Gunaxin]

Japanese Import hottie Meisa Kuroki – [DJ Mick]

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