The Final Countdown: CapAm’s New Costume, Impossible Rock Stars and the Walking Dead


Go here to see the Captain’s new suit.

Well shit, that’s kind of awesome. This is a concept sketch of the suit Chris Evans will be wearing in the Captain America movie. I have to say, I really, really love it. It’s a modern twist on the classic stars and stripes, and I really love that helmet and those red suspender type things. Head over to see the suit in larger form.

Unreality’s Facebook page looks sharp too.

The Countdown

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  • Alex

    You do? Really? I can see this working for a comics or a cartoon but it would seem kinda lame in a real movie. I doubt I’ll be able to take on someone seriously who is in such a costume and with such a silly looking shield. Granted it worked for Spider Men but the man spend most of his time between rooftops and jumping around. Now a hero who is not bug like….I just don’t see it working on the big screen. I mean just remember how incredibly lame Superman looked

  • Brendan

    Nothing in the world has me more excited than AMC’s walking dead. Except maybe issue 73 that comes out this month =]

  • Winston Bull

    What’s with the suspenders?

  • Riffta

    I think it looks ghey.