The Final Countdown: Breaking Best, Prison Escapes and BioShock Infinite

breaking bad episodes

Go here to see the five best episodes of Breaking Bad so far.

“If you’ve been watching “Breaking Bad,” over the past five years, you may have recently seen me sobbing by the side of the road (at the thought of its end). Heck, maybe you’ve even joined me. There’s a group of us huddling by the bus stop with that decrepit poster of Walt and Jesse in their yellow suits.”

The Countdown

Prison escapes that shouldn’t have been possible – [Cracked]

The first part of my BioShock Infinite review – [Insert Coin]

Peter Dinklage on the Daily Show – [WarmingGlow]

Robin Hood coming to Once Upon a Time – [TVOvermind]

The Rock has the best Twitter ever – [Izismile]

Awesome pop culture Easter Eggs – [GeeksAreSexy]

Game of Thrones goes A Capella – [WWIW]

The first poster for Ender’s Game – [ScreenCrush]

These are some badass golfers – [TheChive]

Rediscovered pictures from Vietnam – [Neatorama]

Today’s girl is Jocelyn Chew – [Maxim]

The Wolverine gets a 20 second teaser – [Guyism]

Listen to new Daft Punk – [Gunaxin]

The most awesome car ad on Craiglist – [Caveman]

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