The Final Countdown: Breaking Bad Returns, Street Legal Vehicles and Google with Machinima

Go here to see when Breaking Bad returns.

Should I do a weekly review of Breaking Bad this year once Game of Thrones ends? There were mixed sentiments about my coverage last time around, and I’m not so sure. Let me know what you think.

The Countdown

The most insane street legal vehicles – [Cracked]

Google sinks millions into Machinima – [Insert Coin]

A very funny Ghost Recon parody video – [Youtube]

A DC superhero is coming out – [GeeksAreSexy]

The best South Park celebrity parodies – [Smosh]

How Stacy Keibler works out – [HollywoodTuna]

The best gamer gear at the – [UnrealityStore]

The most expensive celebrity divorces – [theChive]

A glimpse of The Walking Dead season 3 – [Pajiba]

A slinky on a treadmill – [WWIW]

A great Team Fortress fan film – [GamerToob]

Naya Rivera is the girl of the day – [Maxim]

A new James Bond game arrives – [G4TV]

Nerd Hitler reviews The Avengers – [ToplessRobot]

  • Mr Jim

    If I remember correctly your reviews got much better as time went on. Just make sure to not just merely state what happened on the episode, and to expand upon it in what it could mean figuratively and also how it relates to and affects the story.

    Even if you weren’t going to analyse every episode perhaps instead, you could do it for every half season. because I imagine many of us would be interested on your thoughts on the mid-season finale, and the series finale, at the very least.

  • Charlie Ward

    Just do what you want. No one pays for this site but you. People complaining about free entertainment because it didn’t entertain them need to get out of their basements and get hit by a truck.