The Final Countdown: Big Roles Turned Down, Halo 3: ODST, and Instead of Padorum


Click on the photo for famous actors and roles they turned down

Dana Delany as Carrie Bradshaw? Cosmo Kramer as Monk?  Imagine how weird it would be if you saw some of your favorite sitcom characters replaced by actors you would never think could fit the bill.  Weirdness.

The Countdown

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Movies to see instead of Pandorum – [UGO]

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Reminding us of our love for hot weather girls – [Asylum]

What the hell is skateboarding human tetris? – [Supertremendous]

Who are the most sexy action heroes? – [Attuworld]

Pilot uses his flying powers for evil – [Blog of Hilarity]

A gallery of dogs in star wars costumes – [Screenjunkies]

Neve Campbell is alive and well in Scream 4 – [Filmdrunk]

The best Eliza Dushku picture that I’ve ever seen – [Warmingglow]

There are 11 types of strangers so be careful – [Chrudat]

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