The Final Countdown: Best Screaming Lines, The Birdpocalypse, and Tracy Morgan is Awesome


Click on the photo for the best screaming lines in movies

Most people really underestimate the power of screaming. People who scream a lot are the most successful people on this planet because they know how frightened most people are of screaming. If you learn to scream a lot, you can get anything you want in this world.The Countdown

Beware of the birdpocalypse! – [Filmdrunk]

Just hearing Tracy Morgan speak is good enough – [Warming Glow]

The manliest movie tearjerker – [Asylum]

Huge Model made with empty beer crates – [DJ Mick]

It’s fun to go shopping in stockings – [Attuworld]

The inflatable penis and Michael Jordan – [Bustedcoverage]

The meanest Michael J. Fox picture yet – [Blog of Hilarity]

An awesome collection of random pictures – [Funtasticus]

The Iron Man 2 Game Trailer – [Bamkapow]

Emma Watson still not interested in Daniel Radcliffe – [Dailyfill]

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