The Final Countdown: Best Musical Moments, Realistic Disney Animals and NSA in WoW


Go here to see TV and film’s best musical moments of 2013.

“It’s not fair, perhaps, to release a “best of” list this far from the end of 2013. But that isn’t stopping anyone else on the internet. There are, however, definitely a few delightful musical moments still in store for us this month. Many of our favorite TV series are already on winter hiatus but some of the heaviest Oscar contenders are still yet to hit the theaters. ”

The Countdown

If Disney cartoon animals were scientifically accurate – [Cracked]

New Snowden leak reveals NSA in World of Warcraft – [Insert Coin]

Season three trailer for Sherlock – [TVovermind]

The princess is not in another castle – [GeeksAreSexy]

James Franco nominated for award for Spring Breakers – [FilmDrunk]

The Hobbit says we should let trilogies go – [GammaSquad]

Don’t drink and drive prank is a wakeup call – [TheChive]

Two Daleks get married – [Neatorama]

People who became living dolls – [Izismile]

The world’s worst petkeeper – [WWIW]

Today’s girl is Spencer Grammer – [Maxim]

Alison Brie has some great Vines – [BroBible]

Sarah Palin hosting a new show – [Heavy]

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