The Final Countdown: Best Mockumentaries, Sci-Fi Ads and Noah’s Ark

Go here to see the seven best mockumentaries ever.

Finally after all these years people have stopped speaking Borat, unless they’re drunk and trying to do a foreign accent that they just can’t quite grasp. But there are more mockumentaries than just that one, and this list counts down the best.

The Countdown

Six creepy sci-fi ad techniques – [Cracked]

Aronofsky’s new Noah’s Ark movie gets greenlit – [FilmDrunk]

Playboy club gets cancelled already – [WarmingGlow]

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens – [GammaSquad]

These costumes are not sexy in the least – [HolyTaco]

The new features of Syndicate – [UGO]

Walking Dead has webisodes – [ToplessRobot]

When Batman meets the Riddler – [CollegeHumor]

10 characters saved by their sex appeal – [Pajiba]

The risks of making an app – [theChive]

Today’s girl is Evangeline Lily – [Maxim]

A crawling robot baby – [Geekologie]

DiCaprio and Blake Lively break up – [PopCrunch]

30 new photos of Kate Upton – [BroBible]

A pretty damn good boss prank – [HypeHumor]

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