The Final Countdown: Best 2013 At Home Movies, Space is Cool and Third Person Destiny


Go here to see the best films of 2013 you can watch at home.

“I run this list every year, and usually under different titles because I haven’t found one that sticks yet. The idea behind the list is that these are 10 movies unlikely to compete for awards or be in our yearly top 10 list, and they’re not movies, really, that necessitate viewing on the big screen.”

The Countdown

Why we care about space in 2013 again – [Cracked]

Destiny used to be a third person shooter – [Insert Coin]

Three Six Mafia member dies – [FilmDrunk]

Wicked cool armor robot leggings – [GeeksAreSexy]

Seven things you didn’t know about Game of Thrones – [TVOvermind]

Terrifying Lorde Harry Potter mashup – [GammaSquad]

An awesome gallery of Christmas – [TheChive]

Zac Efron jokes about broken jaw – [TheBlemish]

Dog will not let owner drink – [Neatorama]

100 awe inspiring photos – [Izismile]

Today’s girl is Cassie Scerbo – [Maxim]

The Lion King remade with kittens – [BroBible]

The top celebrity break-ups of 2013 – [Heavy]

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