The Final Countdown: Behind the Scenes Movie Jobs, Rocketeer Remade and Zubatman

Go here to see unseen jobs that must exist in movies.

“When things go just a little too perfectly for a rogue cop (or an overzealous hostage, depending on your perspective) in a movie, we tend to chalk it up to skill. But if it’s anything like the real world, there are probably loads of under-appreciated people working behind the scenes.”

The Countdown

Disney remaking The Rocketeer – [FilmDrunk]

Zubatman the animated series – [Smosh]

My interview with MLG co-founder, again – [Insert Coin]

Playing paintball against the army – [GeeksAreSexy]

The best soccer players of all time – [Ranker]

The best gamer gear at the – [Unrealitystore]

The most expensive American car – [Barnorama]

Restoration of a painting goes wrong – [Neatorama]

Child stars who haven’t screwed up yet – [Pajiba]

Dogs being shamed with signs – [TheChive]

LL Cool J knocks out home invader – [BroBible]

Today’s girl is Nora Arnezeder – [Maxim]

Box wine makes you violent – [Heavy]

A Doctor Who prequel? – [ToplessRobot]

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