The Final Countdown: Behind the Scenes, Fictional Rich People and the Evils of CISPA

Go here to see movie ruining behind the scenes photos.

That’s  probably the face I’d be making too if I saw those Spider-balls in front of me.

The Countdown

The 15 fictional richest people – [HolyTaco]

CISPA is as bad as SOPA – [Insert Coin]

I guess The Raven is pretty bad – [FilmDrunk]

Fantastic Metal Gear cosplay – [GeeksAreSexy]

The best gamer gear at the – [UnrealityStore]

Your kid might be a serial killer if – [SocialHype]

Killing a convoy in three bullets – [GamerToob]

A new red band trailer for Ted – [theChive]

Indian breakdancing is rather funny – [WWIW]

Today’s girl is Julie Chang – [Maxim]

Miller Lite’s latest beer gimmick – [BroBible]

Do games make you violent – [G4TV]

All 56 Star Trek episodes at once – [ToplessRobot]

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