The Final Countdown: Bad Trailers, Jackman Lifts and Video Game Journalism


Go here to see when movie trailers go wrong.

Friends. I love trailers. No, no, no, you don’t understand. I love trailers. One of my earliest moviegoing experiences was seeing the Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers trailer for the first time. I don’t remember what movie it played with, but who cares, because it’s the trailer that almost made little nine-year-old me stop breathing.

The Countdown

Hugh Jackman deadlifts 400 pounds – [FilmDrunk]
The truth about video game journalism – [Insert Coin]
Geniuses who saw their inventions turn evil – [Cracked]
The next five superheroes to get shows – [TVOvermind]
Fangirls tackle Sherlock – [GeeksAreSexy]
Merging GIFs together – [theChive]
How to save money on clothing – [SheBudgets]
Julianne Hough to judge dancing with the stars – [CelebrityToob]
The highest grossing Anne Hathaway films – [Worthly]
Common couples arguments – [Izismile]
The 50 dumbest tweets ever – [WWIW]

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