The Final Countdown: Bad Reality TV, Words You Don’t Know and a Modern Warfare 3 Prediction

Go here to see the worst of reality TV.

I think reality TV is in a bit of a downturn overall, but there are a number of ridiculous shows out there that are still lingering in our minds. These are the very worst of the bunch.

The Countdown

Eight words you’re confusing with other words – [Cracked]

What could stop Modern Warfare 3? – [Insert Coin]

14 superheroes who get no respect – [PopCrunch]

The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster – [JoBlo]

A mashup of movie’s worst language – [FilmDrunk]

More Rise of the Apes viral stuff – [GammaSquad]

25 zebras being hilarious – [HolyTaco]

Reincarnating a broken Mac mini – [Izismile]

Proud to be ‘Merican – [TheChive]

Today’s girl is Gianna Jun – [Maxim]

Some great new Mila Kunis pictures – [Celebitchy]

The internet debates planking – [IAmBored]

Justin Timberlake likes college sports – [BroBible]

The weirdest Dragonball dialogue ever – [ForkParty]

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