The Final Countdown: Bad Lessons from Teen Movies, Cheats the Changed Everything and The Golden Globes

Go here to see horrible life lessons learned from teen movies.

They might be some of our favorite films, but there weren’t always the best lessons to be learned from our favorite teen movies. Click above to see how they warped our reality.

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The Countdown

Cheats that changed everything in games – [UGO]

The Golden Globe nominations are ridiculous – [FilmDrunk]

Every zombie death in the Walking Dead – [WarmingGlow]

Was the internet this hard to learn? – [HolyTaco]

Dr Who meets Star Wars – [ToplessRobot]

Steam Punk Star Wars Rules! – [TheDailyWhat]

Olivia Wilde: Schwing!  – [Popoholic]

10 Reasons the Kinect Sucks – [Ranker]

Six reasons to see the Spider-Man musical – [EgoTV]

A hockey brawl after six seconds – [BroBible]

Who do we all hate in 2010? – [Asylum]

Worst Band on the Planet – [IAmBored]

Hot Girls Fighting Obesity – [BarStoolSports]

Hilarious Pizza Freakout – [Manofest]

Hometown Hottie Melanie – [Maxim]


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