The Final Countdown: Bad Fantasy Movies, Crazy Advertising and Wolverine Fails

Go here to see the cheesiest sword and sorcery films.

We talked about cheesy action movies earlier today, but these are cheesy FANTASY films, which are totally not the same thing. Most of the time that is. Especially when David Bowie is involved.

Unreality’s Facebook page is ground control to Major Tom…

The Countdown

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Today’s girl is Diane Kruger – [Maxim]

Guy jumps from 20 miles up – [AskMen]

Five DLC characters Marvel vs. Capcom needs – [ForkParty]

Hey look it’s Irina Shayk – [MoeJackson]

Seven banned comic books strips – [SmokingJacket]

The 11 best toys of the nineties – [Guyism]

First Class vs. Phantom Menace – [ToplessRobot]

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