The Final Countdown: Bad Avengers Facts, Hyrule Henchmen and PS All Stars Flops

Go here to see hilariously untrue Avengers facts.

“Backstory: Ahead of his screening of Red Dawn, TK caught this “Fact” in the pre-movie trivia: “Spider-Man is one of the few Marvel superheroes who is not one of the Avengers.” Enraged (obviously), TK took umbrage on Facebook, which resulted in one of the funniest Facebook threads I’ve ever seen.”

The Countdown

Why being a Hyrule henchman would suck – [Cracked]

PS All Stars a dud in the UK – [Insert Coin]

Aaron Sorkin’s Twitter got hacked – [FilmDrunk]

When you give a kid a camera – [Izismile]

Imagining potential Star Wars shows – [TVOvermind]

The craziest Cyber Monday deals – [GeeksAreSexy]

Nic Cage as Yoda? – [ScreenCrush]

What’s the best Netflix streaming show – [Ranker]

A Hulk computer case mod – [TheChive]

The Conan season two supercut – [WWIW]

Andrew WK now an ambassador – [BroBible]

The 20 hottest French girls – [Heavy]

The rap coloring book – [Caveman]

Today’s girl is Grace Park – [Maxim]



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