The Final Countdown: Awesome Movie Posters, Baffling Horror and Proton Packs

Go here to see the best Mondo posters.

Mondo is a company that makes very awesome movie posters. Like, way more awesome than almost any you’ve seen before. They’re premium cash, but well worth it if you’re an enthusiast. Go here to see some of their best work.

Unreality’s Facebook page needs grown-up room decorations.

The Countdown

Five baffling horror movies from around the world – [Cracked]

A Proton Pack made from scratch – [Asylum]

Sony has a PSP phone on the horizon that looks like this – [Insert Coin]

Brotherhood of Unexceptional Brothers – [HolyTaco]

The Hobbit Stays in New Zealand – [FilmDrunk]

Charlie Sheen has a hooker problem – [WarmingGlow]

How to lose an election – [Manofest]

How to be a reality star – [Maxim]

The top ten boxing knockouts ever – [AskMen]

Is New Vegas worthwhile? – [G4TV]

Elvira vs. Vampirella – [SmokingJacket]

A vampire themed cafe – [DJMick]

A gallery of celebrity music attempts – [EgoTV]

Who are the Oscar frontrunners? – [BroBible]

Michael Jackson’s Thriller a movie? – [ScreenJunkies]

The 15 sexiest movie monsters – [Ranker]

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