The Final Countdown: Avengers Abridged, Community Competitors and Dragon Age 3

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The Countdown

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  • trashcanman

    Take out the environment recycling and DA2 was absolutely brilliant. One of the best stories of any game this generation. The bitching was quite uncalled for. I think it’s a great idea for Bioware to take suggestions into account, but I really hope they don’t give gamers everything they want at the expense of making a memorable and unique experience like the Mass Effect trilogy and first two DA’s were. I like that Bioware pushes the boundaries (even if they slip up here and there) and that is something that gamers are not going to do on their own. It takes artists to do that sort of thing, not jaded internet trolls.

  • Bernardo

    Pretty much agree with trashcanman.

    First we had the DA2 expansion pack cancelled, and now with this, it really seems like the series is going in a totally different direction than what the creative team might have initially planned, which is a bit disheartening, as story-wise both DAO and DA2 had tons of potential for future content.

  • Lima Zulu

    I think the problem a lot of people had with DA2 was that it was social commentary heavy which meant it wasn’t as accessible for the average gamer, especially the average RPG gamer.

    And since they didn’t understand it, they naturally threw a huge gorram temper tantrum because that’s all they know how to do, and Bioware’s enabling the babies.

  • Draugr

    @Lima Zulu

    I’m going to have to disagree, If social commentary isn’t accessible it’s going to go over their heads, just like most social commentary (intentional or otherwise) that exists in media gets overlooked by people, and it really doesn’t stop people from enjoying it.

    It’s easy to try to paint dissenters as idiots, as it makes them easier to dismiss, but lets be fair and recognize this certainly isn’t the case. To call DA2 anything but a departure from DA:O is being disingenuous. Should we be surprised that people have opinions on changes in lore, appearance/style, gameplay, storytelling, etc?…lets not forget horrible writing… How can we expect to take their social commentary seriously if they are too busy making a bad game? (paraphrased example; Helping the mages because the templars are just assuming every mage is a bloodmage and needs to be killed, during the process all the mages embrace blood magic, which is basically just written in so you can fight the mage boss. Equally silly stuff happens while supporting the templars.)
    These are all reasons people have problems with DA2…this doesn’t mean this is some mask because they are too stupid.

    Personally, I think the only lesson they’ll be learning from DA2 is that they shouldn’t recycle the environment, they’ve actually already started this process a couple of months ago, and while they did seem open to some things they did come out and say, ‘none of this is changing’ what that stuff was, I can’t recall, sadly.

    They also started talking about Armor for companions in dragon age 3, which I think is telling of a major issue they’ve been having lately; Style over substance.
    You’re going to be able to equip armor on your companions, just like in DA:O. This sounds really cool, but my biggest complaint is that each piece of armor is basically going to be custom made for each companion so it can fit their ‘look’
    Now while that sounds cool on paper, to me it sounds like a lot of resources are going into something that might be cool but isn’t really going to offer anything of significant value, and why is it such a priority?

    Personally, the more DA3 is like DA:O, the better. That’s not happening, though its good to see they are at least pretending to take feedback, it gives my slight hope for DA3. Just like with DA2, It’ll be interesting to see how DA3 stacks up to DA:O

  • Captain Qwert Jr

    DA2 was a solid, little game, with one gigantic flaw.
    I liked the city. I liked the idea of carving out your place in the city. I like that each Act takes places years apart. I even liked the combat system over DA:O(Both are weak, compared to the 12+ years old Baldur’s Gate games).

    The major problem? I played a “chaotic good”, generally helpful mage in my first run, and a ruthless, “lawful evil”, mage-hating warrior in the second.

    The third Act is the same for both.
    All the choices you make are irrelevant.

    That the brains behind Bioware, former masters of the CRPG, are actually asking for help, is really, really disheartening.