The Final Countdown: Appropriated TV Themes, Pop Culture Predictions and Stolen Video Games

Go here to see the best songs appropriated for TV themes.

The best TV themes often taken pop songs and make them their own. This shows the best examples of this practice across television.

The Countdown

Ridiculous pop culture predicts that turned true – [Cracked]

Australian mom steal 500 video games – [Insert Coin]

Dora the Explorer movie trailer – [GeeksAreSexy]

Louie is back tonight on FX! – [WarmingGlow]

Harry Pottymouth – [Smosh]

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift a good pair – [Hollywoodtuna]

Ping pong trick shots by a nine year old – [WWIW]

Valve creates a source filmmaker – [GamerToob]

Reviewing movies not yet out – [Holytaco]

Perfectly timed sports photos – [TheChive]

Maxim wants a military ambassador – [Maxim]

Skrillex in churches – [BroBible]

A slingshot revolver crossbow – [Guyism]

Pulp Fiction in chronological order – [Gunaxin]

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