The Final Countdown: Apocalypse Obsession, Zooey Deschanel’s Show and Bad Fall TV

Go here to see why we’re obsessed with the apocalypse.

We seem to be in love with the idea of the apocalypse. It’s taken over our movies, games, and TV shows, so what is it about the end of the world that has us so intrigued?

The Countdown

Zooey’s The New Girl puts up huge numbers – [WarmingGlow]

Which fall show will be cancelled first? – [UGO]

Five famous draft dodgers – [Holytaco]

James Cameron making an Avatar Disney ride – [filmDrunk]

Tom Selleck’s mustache gets around – [SuperBooyah]

A gallery of Bill Murray being awesome – [TheChive]

The new Walking Dead promo is here – [Pajiba]

Today’s girl is Susie Abromeit – [Maxim]

The past and future of logos – [Neatorama]

REM breaking up after 30 years – [PopCrunch]

Could you survive never leaving your house? – [ForkParty]

When would you use this stock photo? – [IamBored]

A new insane Orangina ad – [BroBible]

Apples and Oranges finally compared – [DogandPony]

Awesome Venture Bros. action figures – [ToplessRobot]

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