The Final Countdown: American Blockbusters Overseas, Bond the Bad Spy and Trusting Games Journalists

Go here to see American blockbusters that made big money overseas.

“The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, had the best opening ever for a Bond film this weekend, racking up $90 million (including Thursday’s midnight screenings), besting the $67.5 million put up by Quantum of Solace. It’s also the fourth highest debut weekend of the year, and the 7th highest November opening of all time (behind only Twilight and Harry Potterfilms).”

The Countdown

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  • Postal

    Enjoyed the Forbes piece. It seems you can either have good access to insiders or you can have integrity. You can’t have both. Look at The Daily Show vs. any talking heads Sunday morning “news” show. Stewart doesn’t hesitate to report a politician lying using video evidence. But his job doesn’t depend on that politician coming back to do interviews. Serious sounding Sunday morning news shows have those same politicians on and can’t even be bothered to point out that politician lied on those very same shows during their last visit. They depend on cozy relationships with the liars.

    Then the “real” news people wonder why trust in them as an institution is decreasing while more people turn to comedy shows for their news.

    So I suppose you have to choose between red carpet VIP access to liars or tell the truth from the glamor of your home office. I believe your Unreality and Forbes readers value your input because you’re in touch with whats really going on. They can get marketing spin from anywhere.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Er… Bond and Potter aren’t American blockbusters. They were released in the USA yes, made lots of money there, but they are both BRITISH franchises. Made there, cast there, produced there, filmed there.

    You lot can have Twilight, but don’t be trying to brag on some other country’s work, okay?

  • The final countdown is a collection of links. Take up your complaints with Pajiba, the site calling those films American (though I’m totally with you).