The Final Countdown: Acting Moments, Avengers Trailer and Movie DRM

Go here to see amazing performances from actors who weren’t acting.

“Why trust your actors’ “training” or “decades of acting experience” when you can just subject them to actual trauma and turn on the camera? That’s how we got scenes like …”

The Countdown

The Avengers has a new trailer – [FilmDrunk]

Now HD movies are getting DRM too? – [Insert Coin]

Cool gamer gear at the – [Unreality Store]

Female Punisher cosplay – [GeeksAreSexy]

One of the nicest hotels ever – [TheChive]

The River’s creepiest moments so far – [UGO]

Lindsay Lohan to host SNL – [Pajiba]

A bear that knows kung fu – [WWIW]

Father and son celebrate 11th birthdays together – [Neatorama]

Are you a hometown hottie? – [Maxim]

Mass Effect needs better running animation – [GamerToob]

How to make the most of Leap Day – [Heavy]

Snooki is seriously pregnant – [BroBible]

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