The Final Countdown: A Cage of Emotion, Rich People Talk and the 3DS

Go here to see the 25 moods of Nic Cage.

Nic Cage has range as an actor, it just so happens that 20 or so of his various emotions are things that no human being will ever actually experience.

The Countdown

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How to make eco-friendly graffiti – [SocialHype]

The three little pigs get a remake – [GeeksAreSexy]

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Actors stuck in kids movie ghetto – [UGO]

Another new Game of Thrones trailer – [Pajiba]

Steven Carell on Snooki’s baby – [WWIW]

Women at work during WWII – [Neatorama]

Indie games are looking good these days – [GamerToob]

The creepiest TV characters – [Ranker]

Today’s girl is Maria Menounos – [Maxim]

Deron Williams scores 57 points – [BroBible]

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