The Final Countdown: 1999 Movies, Hobbit Gets Shorter and Microsoft vs. Used Games


Go here to see 1999 movies to drink and pass out to.

“Originally I was going to swoop through the decade and pick out an iconic film from each year, but when I started looking at 1999, I realized that’s where they kept all the good movies. The films of 1999 deserve their own laudatory post all together, so strong and definite was the cinematic output that year, seriously, go look for yourself.”

The Countdown

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Why Microsoft can’t kill used games sales – [Insert Coin]

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The best of the Community writers’ answers – [WarmingGlow]

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Star Wars young Han Solo concept art – [ScreenCrush]

Men and women are a different species – [TheChive]

The most anticipated movies of 2013 – [Ranker]

A Ziggy Stardust action figure – [Neatorama]

The McLaren P1 looks awesome – [Pedal]

Today’s girl is  Kaley Cuoco – [Maxim]

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Alex Trebek does Gangnam Style – [Guyism]


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