The Final Countdown: 1999 Movies, Hobbit Gets Shorter and Microsoft vs. Used Games


Go here to see 1999 movies to drink and pass out to.

“Originally I was going to swoop through the decade and pick out an iconic film from each year, but when I started looking at 1999, I realized that’s where they kept all the good movies. The films of 1999 deserve their own laudatory post all together, so strong and definite was the cinematic output that year, seriously, go look for yourself.”

The Countdown

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  • trashcanman

    Another solid Forbes article, Tassi. Personally, I think Gamestop has only themselves to blame for this possible outcome. They have really overdone it on used game sales and have made that the cornerstone of their entire business. Used DVD’s and CD’s are also a thing, but they are moderated to an extent by the vendors. Gamestop actually pushes most new games off of their shelves after a while and replaces them entirely with used games, most of which are negligibly cheaper. So the consumer often has no other option but to buy used if they walk into a Gamestop looking for a game that has been out for a few months already. Not kosher.

    • High praise from you. And yeah, I see your point. Eventually all games WILL be digital and we won’t even be having this conversation. GameStop is still outdated, it just hasn’t caught up with them yet.

  • GrandWazoo

    That BroBible article is just another link to a bleacher report article. Shouldn’t you link the original?

  • RNGCoder

    I wonder if there is anyone young enough that read “one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine movies to get drunk to. That’s a lot of movies!”

  • 10 things I hate about you was such a brilliant movie. The best teen romance/comedy really, what with it basically beaing a shakespear play and all. Also it pretty much put Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt on people’s maps (and for a few years Julia Stiles maybe).