The Final Countdown: Devices that Make Games Suck, Internet Makes it Easy, and Weird Toy Commercials


Click on the photo for plot devices that make video games suck

Writing a good story is hard. Making a good video game is hard. Trying to make a good video game that also tells a good story is damned near impossible.  Video game makers are working hard to achieve their dream of a playable movie, or at least a game that looks like a movie in a two-minute trailer.The Countdown

Ridiculous tasks made easy by the internet – [Asylum]

Weirdest children’s toy commercials of all time – [Manofest]

Guess the movie apocalyptic edition – [UGO]

The 10 Funniest sesame street parodies – [Brobible]

Seeing hot chicks with Lightsabers is pretty awesome – [Guyism]

The fake trick or treater prank – [Chrudat]

Star Wars superfans are raising the bar – [Gunaxin]

Can you name that superhero? – [Attuworld]

Modern Warfare 2 is the fastest selling game ever – [DJ Mick]

Director who looks like hobbit to be in hobbit film – [Topless Robot]

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