The Final Countdown: Commonly Used Soundtrack Songs, Titles in the Dialogue, and Rainstorm

 Reality Bites

Click on the photo for six commonly used movie soundtrack songs

Ever notice that some songs just never seem to get old?  Well at least they never get old to be placed in the soundtrack for a movie.  I think my new goal in life is to get a one hit wonder that will be used in Soundtracks again and again so I can collect royalties for the rest of my life.  Man that’d be awesome.

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The Countdown

Awesome compilation of movie titles in the dialogue – [Filmdrunk]

A Choir makes an amazing compilation sounding like a storm – [Supertremendous]

Blind gamers sue Sony. Yes, there are blind gamers – [Double Kill]

House M.D. is checking in on your DS – [Gonintendo]

It’s Ernie’s House of Whoop Ass! – [Ehowa]

Madonna and Lady Gaga add some estrogen – [Brobible]

Playing Counter Strike but with a sexy twist – [Attuworld]

X-Ray voted the most important modern discovery – [Asylum]

Check out the gameplay trailer for Bayonetta – [Shacknews]

Sexy New York Girls in heels and hotpants – [DJ Mick]

Never has white trash been so badass – [Guyism]

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