The Awesome Fantasy Art of Miroslav Petrov


It’s always nice to come across great artists and I was impressed with what I saw from Miroslav Petrov today on Deviantart.  His work covers a wide range of genres and subcultures.   While his video game work is excellent I like his fantasy stuff best.  I think that can best be characterized by his making of “fantasy creatures” from nothing.  That would include things like dragons, dwarfs, monsters, and anything else that fits his mood.

I’ve selected 10 pieces that I think are great.  Before that however, I’ve shared a little bit more about the artist.

This is the full bio from his site

Somewhere between socialism and something else, in the very beginning of the upcoming long and cold winter of 1985, Miroslav was born, with a marvelous for the time almost 5 kilograms weight. Until the age of 9, it was his teachers’ conviction that he was a natural born art prodigy. Years passed, though, and he proved them all wrong by not evolving at all artistically (one of his biggest regrets in retrospect). Rumor has it, it might’ve been due to the onset of computer games and/or the Internet and the unprecedented ease of access to pictures of girls in various stages of undress…

Miro put his drawing on hiatus until the age of 17, when all that time he’d sunk into playing computer games, finally paid off in an unexpected way. One day, he booted up Warcraft 3, and there, he found his inspiration in Blizzard’s art team incredible artwork. There was no turning back. Going back to the pencil and ink, Miro spent countless nights at improving and refining his skills, before finally deciding to make the jump to digital art.

All the hard work was not for naught: in 2006, he was hired as a concept and texture artist at the game developer Masthead Studios, where he spent the next 6 years giving freedom to his fantasy, and bringing fantastic creatures and landscapes to life. In 2012 Miro left the company to pursue his own business and to branch out in more diverse creative directions.










Pictures via Mikey Petrov

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