Guy Paints Sonic Into a Thrift Painting and It’s Awesome

Sonic Painting

Have you ever gone to a diner in a remote area or better yet a really crappy motel and wonder where the hell they get all these cheesy paintings?  Do people ever buy these paintings?  And yet I’m somehow fascinated by them.  Maybe it’s not the paintings themselves but what they’re missing.

Cue in Dave Pollot who was way ahead of me.  Dave is an artist who decided to make this Thrift Store painting a little more interesting by adding one of gaming’s most iconic figures:  Sonic.  What I love about this is that it actually looks like Sonic belongs there.

It’s as if Sonic is a species that normally hangs around the woods in winter.  Without Sonic, I wouldn’t touch this painting.  With it?  It’s a buy in my book.

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