A Dragonball Z Fan Art Gallery That Needs to Be Seen


Little do people know that Dragonball Z had it’s place in the United States before Pokemon did.   The show began syndication in Japan in 1989 and made it’s U.S. debut in 1996.  Pokemon’s meteoric rise in the U.S. really didn’t start until 2000.  Since ’96, Dragonball Z’s seen shows, movies, art, merchandise, games, etc etc rise at a great rate.  If you haven’t seen the show I might recommend picking up the entire series seasons 1-through 9 on DVD.

And, according to Deviant Art’s article:

Eventually the show was dubbed into multiple languages and aired in many countries across the globe. It went on to become one of the most recognizable cultural fixtures in TV history. Today the phrase Dragon Ball Z conjures images of spiky hair, crazy alien monsters, orange outfits, and intense nostalgia in the minds of many—even those who have never seen the show. Back when it originally premiered however, the series’ place in history was far from assured, and it went through an intense journey to claim its space in the cultural zeitgeist and in the hearts and minds of those who call themselves fans.

Dragon Ball Z, as true followers of the series are already aware, is a sequel to the earlier series titled Dragon Ball. While Dragon Ball Z follows the journey of Goku as an adult, its predecessor told the story of his childhood. Both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z first appeared in print as mangas printed in Japan, before being adapted to Japanese television. The show then spread far and wide, creating a worldwide network of fans and followers.

Far and wide is definitely an understatement.  While Dragonball Z might not have the actual fan count that a Pokemon does, its fans are just as loyal and just as dedicated.  Which is why we decided to put together this awesome Dragonball Z fan art collection.

Majin Vegeta recolored


by Carapu



by bigmac996

Dragon Ball Z


by kotecarvajal

DBZ: Son Family


by risachantag

Hey Vegeta, How Many Pageviews


by brandokay

Final Flash


by sanggene

Good Morning Shenron


by ZachSmithson

Kakarot vs. Radish – DBZ


by Cryptid Creations

Live Action Trunks SuperSaiyan


By Rider4Z

Vegeto Super Saiyan perler


by Birdseednerd

Dragonball Z: Fathers and Sons


by risachantag

It’s Over 9000


via Hellknight10

Piccolo and Cell Dragon Ball Z


by Sersiso



by ChrisCold