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  • Pat

    This website is good but tell Madison that we don’t care about his political view.

  • Madison

    @ Pat

    I don’t care that you don’t care. But who is “we?”

    Most of the things I write (especially when it’s political) are tongue-in-cheek and at most half-serious. Relax.

    Thanks for reading.

  • What? You can reply to our “about us” section?

  • Wolfgang

    You have my favorite Cheech and Chong photo the one with them sitting on some steps and Cheech wearing a cholo hat. It it public domain? If not who owns it? Thanks Wolfie

  • megadem

    Wolfgang, it is likely not in the public domain. This sites steals many, many photos and disregards attribution standards.

  • OTWarrior

    Excellent, more intrusive ads. Well done. And to think you did an article recently about selling out