Aug 13 2010

Winnie Cooper is Making Math Hot?

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Ever wonder what actress Danica McKellar is up to these days besides occasionally posing in Maxim making people go “THAT’S Winnie Cooper?”

Well, as it turns out, post-Wonder Years, McKellar majored in Math at UCLA, and staring in 2007, has authored a series of books aimed at tween girls that make math fun. Or sexy. Or something like that.

Granted, I had to look at Wikipedia to find out all this, because otherwise, if I just stumbled upon this “Math Chic” section of Barnes and Noble, I would have been rather confused as to what the hell was going on.

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  • Swami

    Math IS awsome. It’s the way we TEACH it that is completely absurd. I hated math all the way through school, but now that i’m an adult i understand what rocks about math… and i wish so much that i had known this stuff back when i was in school. Maybe i would have payed more attention. It absolutely grieves me to know how many people will NEVER appreciate math for what it really is.

    the article that turned me around:

    Look for the pdf at the bottom of the page. I don’t know what Danica’s approach is, but if it’s anything short of the suggestions made by the author of that pdf, i’d consider it a phenomenal wasted effort.

  • Lagrange

    She’s also one of the few people in the world to have and Erdős number AND a bacon number!

  • Ben

    Swami, I am in high school right now and i believe the classic way math has alway been taught has worked fine for me. I do realize how important and interesting math can be.


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