Sep 02 2014

The Final Countdown: Game Fads, Von Trier TV and Star Fox

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Go here to see four video game  gimmicks nobody likes any more.

A decade ago, sci-fi movies like The Island and Minority Report promised us a future where we didn’t have to pick up controllers to play video games. Well, guess what: It’s here! The future arrived! And it sucks! After the promising start of the Wii, the impressive technological potential of the Kinect, and the “hey guys, we’re doing this too, we guess” of the PlayStation Move, it looks like the state of interactive gaming has screeched to a painful halt. “

The Countdown

Lars von Trier Making a TV series – [FilmDrunk]

Nintendo says Star Fox coming in 2015 – [Insert Coin]

10 reasons August was the worst month ever – [Pajiba]

A Batman 4D roller coaster – [GeeksAreSexy]

The most expensive Samsung TVs right now – [Worthly]

Movie scenes meet present day – [theChive]

Joan Rivers is on life support – [TVOvermind]

The best and the worst of the Saved by the Bell movie – [WarmingGlow]

New trailer for Once Upon a Time – [CelebrityToob]

The 50 funniest old school NFL – [WWIW]

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Sep 02 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci Designs Irons Man’s Armor

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Da Vinci was ahead of his time when it came to many, many of his inventions, so I suppose it stands to reason that he could have in fact invented Iron  Man armor a few centuries before Tony Stark.

The idea comes from artist Axel Medellin, who whipped up a handful of sketches that show what Da Vinci’s Iron Man armor might have looked like in the conceptual phases. It’s not all THAT much different than one of the hundred-odd suits Tony Stark built for himself, but it’s a cool idea all the same.

Check out two more pages below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 02 2014

Watch Karen Gillan Shave Her Head for Guardians of the Galaxy

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Nebula may not have been a starring role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but that didn’t stop her from fully committing to the part. Even in this age of special effects, there would be no bald caps for Karen Gillan when she was playing the blue-domed villainess. She went ALL the way, shaving her head completely for the role.

And continuing the tradition of adorable Guardians of the Galaxy-related videos, someone actually documented the moments where she shaved it all off. You can literally hear the fear in her voice as it’s happening, but she seems pretty okay with it by the end. I remember seeing her on the red carpet bald for months a while back, but I never put two and two together that it was for Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Sep 02 2014

Sam Spratt’s Daenerys

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Only rarely does a piece of art this cool go on sale, and if you act now, you can pick up this amazing Daenerys Targaryen piece by Sam Spratt.  Mercifully, it’s not one of those one day/four hour window deals, as the sale will run through September 16th.

Trying to find art for my new place, it never fails to amaze me why so many of the fantastic artists I’ve featured here don’t sell more of their prints, more often. Do they want to create scarcity on purpose? I don’t understand. Or like Mondo, and their enormous collection of amazing movie posters. Why do they only sell a fraction at a time? Do they not like money? I’m not sure I get it.

Anyway, this is one item that you can actually buy, so go and do it.

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Sep 02 2014

Why DC/Warner’s “No Jokes” Statement is No Problem

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So, apparently somebody at DC/Warner handed down a rule for their upcoming slate of movies: “No Jokes.” And from what I could tell the internet just lost its freakin’ mind over it.

Well, that’s not exactly true. What I did see, however, was a small string of articles decrying this mandate as basically ridiculous, doubly so in the light of Marvel’s continued success (so-called) in making movies that are not just fun, but funny.

As you can tell from the title, I’m a witness for the defense today. I happen to think that the DC/Warner mandate is not only perfectly intelligible, but even sort of admirable (if not necessarily the BEST solution). Besides, I think the occasionally addictive wit which Marvel has become known by occasionally masks how thin their content is.

Continue Reading »

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Sep 02 2014

Why the Hell Aren’t We All Talking About Boardwalk Empire?

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This year is going to suck.

No, it’s not because I’m about to enter the last year of my 20s. No, it’s not because the Cowboys are EATING IT in the pre-season. And, no, it’s not because Kyle Rayner STILL doesn’t have a proper solo book (…preferably written by me). No, no, no, this year is going to be awful because one of my favorite TV shows is about to enter its final season: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

I’m not upset that it’s ending. All good things and all that. Instead, I’m upset because yet again we have a show that’s given us everything we ask for in television shows and nobody freaking watched it. We crave brainy, truly thought-provoking sci-fi and Battlestar Galactica gets an abbreviated run. We desire comedy that doesn’t play to the lowest common denominator, that actually respects us enough to ask us to pay attention, and we barely get three seasons of Arrested Development. We dream of these shows every time we have to suffer through someone saying The Big Bang Theory is the greatest comedy since Dharma and Greg, and yet, when they’re on, we often can’t be bothered.

And here we are again. A show having to take a bow long before its should-be curtain call and nobody has made a big stink about it.

Well, today I’m gonna be stinky. Continue Reading »

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Sep 02 2014

Why Pokemon Don’t Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

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What happens when Pokemon try to raise ALS awareness with the now-famous ice bucket challenge? Well, that depends on their type.

The comic above shows that while it goes just fine for Pikachu, his other friends aren’t quite as on board. Hell, it’s practically a suicide attempt for Charmander.

I have no idea what the polygon-looking blue jay robot thing is between Charmander and Cubone. I’m too old to keep track of anything past Gold/Silver at this point.

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Sep 02 2014

The Morning Link: The Greatest Shows and Movies to Almost Happen

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With all the terrible movies and TV shows that we can’t believe found a way to stumble into existence, it’s hard to understand why more good ones can’t seem to manage to make it through. We asked our readers to find us the greatest movie ideas that, in the end, turned out to just be too awesome to actually exist.”

Go here to see the list.

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Aug 29 2014

The Final Countdown: September Movies, Bad Sequel Ideas and New “New” 3DS

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Go here to see September movies that may not suck.

“September is rough. After the summer movie season’s ended but before the awards contenders start to come out, it’s one of the months where studios tend to dump movies they don’t know what to do with like so many steaming piles of cinematic shit. (Also: January. GTFO, January.) The bounty is over, and now you’re stuck with Dolphin Tale 2.”

The Countdown

The worst ideas for Disney/Pixar sequels – [Cracked]

Nintendo debuts new “New 3DS” – [Insert Coin]

FXX will now by The Simpsons channel – [WarmingGlow]

Reese Witherspoon back as Elle Woods – [FilmDrunk]

A nightmarish Groot mask – [GeeksAreSexy]

Five networks that could pick up Longmire – [TVO]

Five phrases your boss likes to hear – [SheBudgets]

Central Perk opening in NYC – [CelebrityToob]

The most expensive deserts of all time – [Worthly]

Today’s kids don’t understand these things – [Izismile]

Trying to understand kids – [TheChive]

The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

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Aug 29 2014

Cosplay of the Day: A Fearsome Lady Zangief

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There’s a first time for everything in cosplay, and yes, this is definitely the first time I’ve ever seen Zangief crossplayed by a woman. I was not expecting the chest hair to carry over, but I’m very glad it did.

The cosplayer is Kayla Rose, the photographer is Micktography. Kayla certainly has the crazed look down, as you’ll see in the other pictures below, and has all the powerslamming abilities of the male variant. Though I will admit her positioning with Cammy looks a bit compromising. Check out the other photos below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 29 2014

Prepare to Be Disillusioned by the Game of Thrones S4 VFX Reel

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We all know that Game of Thrones isn’t REALLY filming in Westeros (I just found this out), but you may not realize the massive amount of VFX work that goes into the show that you never even notice. Obviously some things like dragons are fake (also just learned this), but half the backdrops of every scene you see are greenscreen. Fortunately the tech has evolved to the point where you can’t even tell.

You can see what I’m talking about in the VFX reel from season four above, and I will just assume that something, somewhere in there is a spoiler, so beware.

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