Jul 30 2014

The Final Countdown: Rags to Riches, Rambo and Nintendo Woes

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Go here to see the best rags to riches movies.

“Everyone loves a good rags to riches story, when someone starts out at the bottom of the world and rises to the top. Some of these tales come from real life, and have been adapted into film. Others are invented by Hollywood itself, and become myth after release. The following films are some of the most classic and beloved examples of our love affair with getting rich, and all can be watched way more than once. If I’ve forgotten any that are close to your heart, feel free to suggest them in the comments.”

The Countdown

Soldiers more badass than Rambo – [Cracked]
Nintendo posts another huge loss despite MK8 – [Insert Coin]
Celebrating Arnold’s best lines – [FilmDrunk]
Five things about new WW Gal Gadot – [TVO]
A cool Aperture messenger bag – [GeeksAreSexy]
How to use a cell phone tracker – [SheBudgets]
Why Sons of Anarchy is right for Lea Michele – [CelebrityToob]
On man’s amazing workout routine – [TheChive]
The leaked Deadpool test footage is amazing – [WWIW]
Girl is devastated when her brother grows up – [Izismile]
DMX loses it on a theme park ride – [OMGBLOG]

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Jul 30 2014

Mega64′s Live Action DBZ Trailer

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I guess there’s a new animated Dragonball Z movie coming out, which will somehow condense 20 episodes of posturing into two hours. Incredible!

To promote it, the team hired Mega64 to do a recut of the trailer, but they just went ahead and did whatever the hell they wanted. And naturally, it’s amazing.

I promise you’ve never seen Dragonball Z until you’ve seen Goku go Super Sayan level 20 and transform into a flaming shoe. Watch the video for yourself above.

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Jul 30 2014

Another Pair of Golden Books

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I cannot escape the Jo3bot it seems. We featured two more of his Golden Books yesterday, but now here’s another pair, this time video game themed. He’s taken Halo and The Last of Us and transformed them into kid-friendly titles. That’s especially impressive, given how brutally violent the latter is. But with his style of makeover, it looks ready to be read to three year-olds.

Check out the other cover below, and who knows what tomorrow will bring? The guy has his own gallery show coming up. Continue Reading »

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Jul 30 2014

Why Haven’t You Seen It: Manhunter (A.K.A the original Red Dragon)

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Flashback many, many Summers. I am working overnight as a Forest Ranger at a little state park on Cape Cod. Most nights were slow, so I would read to kill time. I will never forget the impact the Thomas Harris novel, Red Dragon had on me. It was one of the last books I ever remember actually scaring me. It was so effective in parts, I would have to put it down to regain my composure. While my surroundings may have factored into that terror at times, there is no denying that book was phenomenal (and kickstarted the Hannibal Lecter saga, which is still going, now on television). So you can imagine my joy when I found out that it was already made into a movie by the time I read it. Yes, there are two cinematic version of Red Dragon out there. Today, I am going to talk about the first one from 1986, which they (mistakenly) renamed Manhunter for the silver screen. Name change or not, why haven’t you seen it?

Continue Reading »

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Jul 30 2014

Where Does Nintendo Go from Here?

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The Nintendo 3DS has slowly trudged its way back uphill thanks to a desperate price cut and building a slow momentum of quality titles. While the Wii U could eventually end up in a similar situation, all investors see now is a scary record of weak sales and next to no market presence.

Nintendo now finds itself under the scrutiny of millions of anticipatory eyes, who point to several quarters of losses and want to know what’s to be done about it. Responding at this year’s E3 in typical fashion, Nintendo tantalized long-term fans with announcements for supplements to venerable franchises like Mario, Zelda, and even a new, fun-looking IP, Splatoon.

But will this be enough? Can Mario Kart 8 and a Super Smash Bros. game they haven’t bothered to give a title to encourage people to pay attention to the wayward system and boost sales numbers?

Nintendo has always banked on the strength of their first-party titles to convince people that a console is worth the price of admission, but those purchase decisions were typically bolstered by confidence that more games than a once-every-three years Zelda title will show up. They have also been accused in the past of merely upcycling older games to work on the new consoles, rather than boldly staking out new, creative IPs.

So what is Nintendo to do? Here are some realistic possibilities for their future, and why those may or may not happen… Continue Reading »

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Jul 30 2014

Next Level Pokemon Fusion

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One of my favorite things we’ve featured here on the site has been the Pokemon fusion generator, which lets you combine 8-bit sprites of Pokemon with one another to often hilarious results.

Well, one fan took that idea to the next level, and has come up with detailed illustrations of what exactly the most badass combinations of Pokemon would look like, using ones from all the different generations.

If you’re a gen 1/2 fan like me, some of these may escape you, but they are pretty incredible nonetheless. See the rest of Josephine’s work below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 30 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Rocketta Raccoon

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We’ve already seen our first bit of Guardians of the Galaxy crossplay with a female Star Lord, but determined not to be outdone, one SDCC cosplayer decided to make Rocket Raccoon a girl, and photographer David Ngo caught her on film.

So, when do we see female Groot and Drax, or better yet, male Gamora? I’m guessing we will lay eyes on all of them at one point or another, knowing the world of cosplay

Words can’t express how excited I am for this movie on Friday.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Jul 30 2014

The Morning Link: Shockingly Lazy Special Effects

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“If Summer blockbusters are any indication, the acting in a movie can be completely wooden so long as the special effects threaten to literally blow the skin of the audience’s meat sacks.”

Go here to see the list.

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Jul 29 2014

The Final Countdown: TV Show Credits, Why Movies Went Wrong and EA’s New Service

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Go here to see TV shows you need to watch until the end.

“Everyone talks about wonderful opening credits — the breathtaking landscapes of the dreary deserts on The Bridge, or the faces of female inmates and that awesome Regina Spektor song (hey, I’m a fan) on Orange is the New Black, or even the awful ones, like the painted flyaway victims on The Leftovers. But what about those shows with brilliant closing credits?”

The Countdown

Behind the scenes on why movies went wrong – [Cracked]
EA debuts new subscription service for Xbox Live – [Insert Coin]
Kyra Sedgewick coming to Comic Con – [TVO]
New teaser for Boardwalk Empire – [WarmingGlow]
Batman now lives in London – [GeeksAreSexy]
How to make distilled water – [SheBudgets]
The weirdest sports mascots – [TheChive]
The highest grossing Dwayne Johnson movies – [Worthly]
Five facts about Drew Barrymore – [CelebrityToob]
Some Tuesday tattoo fails – [WWIW]
Doctor distracts kids for shot – [Izismile]

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Jul 29 2014

More Books From Jo3bot

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Artist extraordinaire Jo3bot is back with another pair of kids book covers. Based on the famed Golden Books we all read as kids, this time he’s taken Ninja Turtles and Kill Bill and turned them into rather adorable covers.

The Bride is below, and I just now noticed he makes them all “A Little Mutagen Book” or “A Little Hanzo Book” depending on the topic. And the same goes for the symbols in the golden spine on the left side. CLEVER JO3BOT.

One more below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 29 2014

The Feline Terror of Hoth

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No, this isn’t just a replica AT-ST that an avid Star Wars fan made and his cat happened to crawl inside. He specifically made this for his cat, as what kitty wouldn’t want to march through the snow on two metal legs as puny rebels flee in terror? And then nap inside afterward?

But yeah, cat toy aside, this is some pretty quality workmanship, and this guy deserves all the internet fame he can get from this. I’m fully expecting a Death Star doghouse out back.

Good work, Jackson Galaxy.



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